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Ben Whitehouse
Ben WhitehouseFounder & CEO

Absolutely love change, new and anything that challenges the norm. I have a huge amount of respect for people that take on new challenges and are not fearful of failure to make a change to business or the world, hopefully for the better.

Chris Shay
Chris ShayManaging Director
Sharlene Ryan
Sharlene RyanDirector

Having travelled abroad and lived in Japan in my younger days I’d love to take my family back there to show them the wonders of the people and country on an extended holiday. I love being outdoors and active and you will often find me out with the kids at sport, cycling, walking or at the beach on a weekend with my family or a friend or two.

Amit Mishra
Amit MishraDirector

Although I am an accountant which are generally assumed to be a boring person but I create memories, good, bad, ups, downs, successes, miseries, everything is appreciated in the album of life. I love new things, challenges, motivation from others and motivating others and to give a strong fight to fate till the last breathe.

Samara Gilbert
Samara GilbertGeneral Manager

I absolutely adore my two puppies, Arlos and Frieda. There's nothing quite like sipping a crisp glass of Pinot Grigio while they play around, adding to the laughter and warmth of catching up with friends. These moments, filled with love, good wine, and great company, are what I cherish most.

Dean Rallison
Dean RallisonTax Counsel

Kindness is everything to me. Before criticising other people, I always walk a mile in their shoes. Because then, I’m a mile away and I have their shoes.

Ben Luther
Ben LutherAssociate Director

I love starting my Saturday mornings with an invigorating parkrun, followed by a spirited game of soccer. No matter the outcome of the Broncos' games, I remain a devoted fan, celebrating their highs and enduring their lows with unwavering loyalty. These activities highlight my energetic lifestyle and passionate support for my favorite team.

Zach Denman
Zach DenmanSenior Manager

I place a lot of value on forming long-term relationships with clients with a focus on alleviating fears and concerns around tax while simultaneously and supporting clients to develop substantial lasting business growth. I have a background in performing arts and have performed professionally as a singer/dancer with Carnival Cruise Lines for several years and had a supporting role in the Australian movie “Danger Close – The Battle of Long Tan”. My spouse is from Sweden and we live jointly between countries with our beautiful daughter.

Penny Winterbottom
Penny Winterbottom Senior Management Accountant

With 20 years’ experience, I thrive on unravelling financial complexities. My passion lies in empowering businesses to feel in control of their decision-making processes. When I’m not crunching numbers, you’ll find me immersed in a good book or shaping clay at the pottery wheel.

Tammie Garson
Tammie GarsonSenior Accountant

I love food and trying new places to eat out (mostly anything seafood or pasta!). I used to read a lot but don’t have as much time for that now with a 3 year old, so we spend a lot of time out at the beach. I’ve only been outside of Australia once in my life but have been on a road trip around every state of Australia except Tasmania!

Mary Heidarifard
Mary HeidarifardSenior Accountant

I love watching the sunrise. I wake up everyday excited to witness a new artwork by nature and have documented hundreds! Enjoy spending time outdoors and the plan is to travel in a motorhome all around Australia one day! I also love wood crafts and expanding my tools set. Always so difficult to stay away from Bunnings!

Kim Cochrane
Kim CochraneSenior Accountant

I grew up in the country, riding motor bikes, swimming in dams and putting up fences. I love to challenge to myself in all areas of life, my latest challenge is learning how to spar in kickboxing. Three things I cannot live without is coffee, family, and prayer.

Carolyn Stark
Carolyn StarkClient Service Coordinator

I love the sound of the ocean and walking in the rain. I love helping others from start to finish. Caring, kind, patience with good interpersonal skills.

Chloe Angel
Chloe AngelClient Service Coordinator

I enjoy walks in the sunshine, listening to music and swimming in the ocean. In winter, you will find me by the fireplace enjoying a glass of red wine with home-made pizza (or pasta!)

Melissa Paterson
Melissa PatersonClient Service Coordinator
Sally Evans
Sally EvansClient Service Coordinator

I migrated from UK when 23 and “DELIGHTED” to become an Aussie and learnt to enjoy Vegimite! I love early morning weekends, I enjoy rummaging around Farmers Markets and Boot Sales with friends and when possible enjoy sitting back for a ‘marathon’ movie session with snacks. I have several hobbies but my favorites are Interior design and Diamond Dots…..

Sarah Townsend
Sarah TownsendCorporate Receptionist

I enjoy helping people and I like to make sure our clients feel valued. I have a strong background in customer service and administration. I love travelling overseas, going on long walks and practicing Tai Chi, family time is also very important to me.

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