The VIDEN VAULT is a unique service available to all our clients where we securely file and store all your tax related documents on your behalf ready for the next tax return.

You may have seen the MyATO app that the ATO is advertising, where you can store your tax documents (receipts, etc) onto your phone then email them directly to the tax office.

What happens if you lose your phone? You lose all your documents. Not happy Jan… :(

Now, with our VIDEN APP, you simply use the document scanner and press the “SEND COPY TO BOOKKEEPER” button and we will receive a copy then file it securely under your account. That’s it! Couldn’t be simpler…

Of course you will receive a copy as well, to file using your own system.

Just get into the habit of using our app every time you get a tax-related receipt and at the end of the year you won’t need to crack open the shoebox, glove-compartment or overstuffed expanding file again.

Visit our GUIDES section for more information about using our app.

You can also download the app here.