Currently the technology in Smart Homes only really solve “first world convenience” problems, such as turns lights on or off, closing blinds when the TV turns on, etc. Apart from the cool, geek factor it doesn’t really solve any mass problem. What is really needed are Smart Home Assistants that use smart home technology.

Real people, real situations, real solutions

The following are small examples of how a smart home assistant can solve real people problems:

Service call

Your home assistant detects that the kitchen sink is draining slower than usual. It connects to your plumber’s online appointment system to set up same day service. It sees your work schedule and knows you can’t be home, so it issues a one-time front door access code that deactivates your security system and lets the plumber in at the appointed time. From the office, you can monitor the plumber’s progress through your home security camera system.

Commute planning

Your alarm clock wakes you up 15 minutes earlier than usual. The home assistant has detected a major accident on your commute route, and wakes you up earlier to give you extra time on the road so you will arrive to work on time. It also plots a new route for your car’s navigation system.

Call routing

While you are at work, your daughter’s school calls your home. The home assistant recognizes that this is an important call and routes it. It reviews your calendar and sees you are in a meeting, but because your spouse is not, the call is routed to your spouse.

Senior safety

Your elderly father lives alone. The home assistant notices that he has been in the kitchen for too long, and is not in the family room like his usual pattern. Because it detected no motion for fifteen minutes, it dials 000 and alerts you and his neighbors through text message. It also unlocks the front door for emergency responders.

Smart Accountants

This type of automation and intelligence is what is really appealing.

Now, let’s think about our finances and budgets. A smart finance assistant anticipates that your cash flow will need some injection as some major bills and payroll are due and there are no invoices outstanding. It automatically finds and applies for the best value lending solution and organises the extra money so you will not be caught short.

Another example is that your business has setup certain key performance indicators. A smart finance assistant not only monitors and alerts but offers suggested courses of action.

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