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Dear Client

As you may be aware, the B B Whitehouse Group is made up of a number of subsidiary accounting firms and businesses such as Accounting North, Anthony Wetmore & Co, Beyond Accounting, Universal Accounting Solutions and Whitehouse Accountants.  Nearly all of these businesses operate from the same premises and under the same holding company name and structure, as well as sharing staff.

This has evolved over the past years, significantly the past 18 months as a result of the merging of many businesses into the group to conclude a more diverse, technologically advanced and experienced service to clients.

We now need to move forward to reduce administration costs and confusion for clients and as such we will be merging many common businesses up into one company to present a single entity to clients for the future.  This officially commenced from August 1, 2016.

The new business and company name is Viden Group Pty Ltd.  Pronounced ‘Vy-den’, the name originates from the Danish word for Knowledge.  All Accounting, Tax, Business Consulting, SMSF, Financial Planning and Finance services will be provided through this entity, (Intersync Bookkeeping and IT services will be provided by Intersync).

Nothing else will change, the same local teams will be working directly with you to ensure all services are provided efficiently and professionally.

Audit services, out of regulatory necessity will continue to be provided through the Viden subsidiary, Whitehouse Audit Pty Ltd.  BBW Business Services, another Viden subsidiary, will continue to provide our administration support services. Should you have any difficulties with this, please contact your team as a matter of priority.

Yours sincerely

Ben Whitehouse