It was a typical commute to work.

Suddenly right next to me…

I witness a horrific five car pile up.

Fortunately, due to congestion, we weren’t travelling at typical highway speeds.

It was a bit of a shock, as this accident occurred in the lane right next to me.

After passing by and seeing in my rear view mirror that everyone seemed ok, I kept driving on.

Since that incident, I noticed an increase in the number of morbid thoughts, every time I traveled down the same road.

Just so you know, I am usually quite a positive and cheerful person, so these types of thoughts are not common at all.

Also, the severity of these thoughts are only light. So, I don’t need counselling. (I think…)

Simply put, the thought of an unexpected death crossed my mind.

I have a wife.

I have kids.

I started thinking, what would actually happen if I was to pass away unexpectedly?

I already organised all the life insurances as soon as my first child was born.

I then wondered.

Does my wife even know who I am insured with and how to contact them?

This lead me down the path of…

What about my digital life and info?

My passwords, logins and accounts.

Would my family be able to access these locations of very valuable data?

I’m quite security conscious so I have good passwords, utilise two-factor authentication and biometric (Touch Id) features to keep my private information safe.

But, maybe too safe?

Should this be the type of information you put in a will? And who even thinks about doing this?

Another thought. Bitcoin and CryptoCurrencies.

At the rate Bitcoin is going, my modest investment could be worth a lot…

It would be a shame that my family would not have access, as only I know the secret passphrase…

So… my thoughts concluded with… I need to share who my life insurance provider is, record the access to my whole digital life in a safe place that only my family (or executor of my will) will know.

I think once I sort this out, I’ll feel a little be more at peace, knowing that my family will at least be able to update my LinkedIn status…


Originally posted on LinkedIn