The 20% rebate of tax on every dollar invested into ABLCORP and 10 years Capital Gains Tax free status finishes on 30 June 2019.  Unused rebates on this investment can be rolled forward to future years.  ABLCORP is a boutique small business lending company seeking investors to meet increasing demand for its loan products.  This is a very unique opportunity for investors to access high returns, while also obtaining a significant rebate on their tax bill (including 10 years Capital Gains Tax free status).

THIS WILL NOT BE AVAILABLE IN FUTURE YEARS as the company’s revenue has grown beyond the limits set for early innovation tax concessions.

We have mentioned ABLCORP in previous newsletters.  ABLCORP is a company providing loans and investments within the rapidly growing private lending market that supports small businesses in Australia.  It is also a unique investment opportunity with A Class Shares returning up to 12%pa to investors to date, (historical performance is not a reflection or guarantee of future performance), while securing all loans, 4 ways –

1. Against the accounts receivable of the business (its income) by charging them and ensuring they are all paid into an account controlled by ABLCORP – this is a very liquid form of security as the cash is collected on average every 45 days;

2. Secured against plant and equipment of the business;

3. Secured against personal guarantees of individuals that own assets and property;

4. Secured by completing the book-keeping and accounting work of every borrower to ensure they are monitored, in real time, on performance and success.  This far exceeds lending where only one level of security is obtained.

So if you are looking for a way to reduce tax and increase income returns from investments, while supporting young Australians obtaining work and developing knowledge in financial accounting and finances –

Call your us on 1800 773 643 today to discuss the opportunity before 30 June this year.