Customised solutions to meet your needs

All businesses are unique.

InterSync’s solutions are standardised at the core for efficiency but fully customisable to suit your requirements and produce real savings.

Why our clients love InterSync

Our clients love InterSync because it effortlessly reduces the issue of filing, sorting, receipting and storing source documentation.

Typical case

Let’s take a look at how a client using Intersync realised massive savings off their bottom line by reducing their administration costs and increased their free time. This field service firm was constantly chasing their field staff for receipts, invoices and other source documents. The pile of paper in their office was overflowing, mysteriously grew legs and went walk-about and became a real burden to the admin team. The team consisted of one person, the brave wife of the owner… She would spend countless stressful hours trying to stay on top of their book keeping, filing and other admin functions. So much for owning your business increasing work/life balance…

InterSync changed the way they do business. Now everything is streamlined, the admin officer (almost ex-wife) now scans all the paperwork in one go with two-clicks of a button and watches the fast, desktop scanner digitize both sides of all the paperwork where it automatically goes into the Cloud to be processed, receipted and filed. While the field staff on the road, use the app to capture the documents as soon as they get them, reducing the risk of losing them down the back of the seat next to the empty bottles and fast-food wrappers. All the documents are then easily accessible online in one neat, tidy and secure location.

The InterSync Package

  • Streamlined bookkeeping duties and functions

  • Virtual CFO service

  • State of the art fully customised desktop scanner with 3 year warranty

  • Tax planning and asset protection advice available

  • Annual Tax Returns and ATO liaison options

  • All training and associated materials

  • Access to IT support and eCommerce, web & app development advice

  • Dedicated Account Manager to work with you and your team

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