The Home screen in the VIDEN app are quick links to handy functions such as Update Details, Pay Invoice or Contact Us.

The links will be updated every so often with special time limited offers and promotions.

Here is a summary of the current links:

UPDATE DETAILS: Simply let us know what has changed, such as your address, email or phone number.

PAY INVOICE: Quickly and securely pay any invoice we issue via our app. How convenient.

DOCUMENT PORTAL: Easy access to our secure document portal for signing, downloading and uploading documents into our system powered by HowNow. Requires login details which we can provide.

ONLINE TAX RETURN: Sort out your individual tax return

CONTACT US: If you device supports it, you can call us with one tap…

BAS TRACKER: If you are subscriber to our BAS Tracker service this link allows you to enter an Income or Expense super quick. If you are sole trader registered for GST this low cost service may be just the thing for you. Chat to us to find out if it will work out.

APPLY FOR FINANCE: Let our lending specialist look after your requirements.

FEEDBACK: This is where you can send us any info about the good, bad, ugly of our app, your experience, our service in general., anything. Don’t hold back!

GUIDES: Simple instructions on how to use the app’s features.

Scanner Button

The quickest way to scan a document is to press the “Camera” icon.

This will open up the camera screen where a bounding box in red will guess the edges of the document. Don’t worry if it doesn’t line up perfectly, then press the “shutter” icon

A preview of the image will appear with the option to ‘re-adjust’ the crop box by simply tap and dragging the white circles to the corners of the doc. A magnified view will appear to assist (iOS only).

Press “Add Page” to continue capturing other parts of the document, the output will be a multi-page PDF

Press “Retake” to take another picture or “Done” when you are finished

The smart tag screen is where you can quickly and easily create the filename of the document by typing the text and pressing the “smart tag” buttons which will add or subtract from the file name.

Default smart tags are date, time, name, location (street & suburb), work, personal, tax, expense

Tapping the red plus icon will open the Tag Editor screen

You can rename or delete the default tags and/or add your own. eg. Recipes, Receipt, Fuel, etc

Selecting the “Send Copy To Bookkeeper” button will send a copy to either VIDEN VAULT (Personal Account) or your Bookkeeping Team (Organisation Account).

TIP: You can confirm which Account / Profile you are logged into as the name will be at the top eg. XERO Demo Co – if you are bookkeeping client it’s best just to stay in your Organisation’s Account

Additionally, notes can be added about the document. This will be a part of the body of the email.

Tapping the little thumbnails of the pages will bring up the PDF preview of the document.

Pro Tip: On Apple devices tapping the Share button (bottom left hand corner) will give you more options for sending the document (DropBox, etc), please note that our smart tag file naming feature will not apply using this method, will be a generic filename.

Click “Done” to exit this preview

When you are ready to send your scanned document, click Done and a confirmation box will appear (or Success message on Android)

Another method of scanning is using the Capture button from the menu

This will allow you to select images from your Photo Library or any other connected services such as iCloud Drive, Dropbox, etc depending on what apps you have installed on your device.

The main difference using this method is the image filter (Black &White, High Contrast) will not apply, handy when you are not scanning a typical document but want to “Tag” an image. eg. Image of a car – tagged “Cars”

PRO Tip: As the scanned images are sent to your email address and the tags are listed in the subject line, you can set up email rules that filter based on these keywords to automatically send to a folder for automated filling. eg. Tags -> “Tax” “Receipt” goes to Tax Folder

If you are a bookkeeping client, to save you always having to remember to press the “Send Copy To Bookkeeper” button you can change the default behaviour in the Settings screen and switch on “Copy To Bookkeeper” which will have that option always turned on.

To save you precious seconds… take advantage of your devices Voice To Text functionality, useful for quick chats or even notes for your documents. Along with the smart tags, putting context to your documents is really easy and will help bookkeeping a lot. eg. “Lunch receipt for meeting with new client Jon from Acme Co”


If you are an existing bookkeeping or InterSync client you can connect your XERO / Intuit QBO file to our system and access your DashBoards.

The process is simple…

  1. Press the menu icon (top-left) then tap “Connect”
  2. This will bring up a form that will allow you to list all the organisations / companies that you want to be connected.
  3. Our team will then receive a request notification to connect your orgs. We will then notify you when it is ready (usually within a business day).
  4. Once your organisation is connected you can “switch” or profile by tapping the “Account” button in the menu, then selecting the appropriate organisation. If you have multiple organisations you can switch between them anytime.
  5. Feel free to ask any questions via the Chat facility (top-right icon, looks like a speech bubble)