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Setting Solid Financial Foundations

We all need to make that first step in creating wealth and building a successful future. And establishing a solid financial foundation is key. It all about building your financial education, no matter what stage of life.

  • Life and Income Protection Insurance – Making sure your number one asset (your ability to earn an income) is protected.

  • Estate Planning and wills – making sure that these areas are properly addressed to provide certainty when you can’t

  • Making sure your super is working effectively for you

  • Cashflow – working with you to set a budget and savings plan to start investing

  • Tax management – ensuring you are effectively managing your tax

  • Financial Services are provided in conjunction with our non authorised professionals, subject matter experts or legal advisers as required.

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We listen because it is all about you. We take the time to understand what matters to you and your family, and what is important to you to achieve.

And that is why we don’t charge you anything for our first meeting, and it is completely obligation free. 

As part of the Viden Group, our Financial planners have direct access to our Accountants who have extensive taxation, business and Self Managed Superannuation Fund experience. We can ensure that your overall financial position is addressed by co ordinating with resources where required.

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Michele Purvis
Michele PurvisDirector of Financial Planning / Client Manager - Authorised Representative
With over 25 years’ experience in financial management, taxation, planning and business, Michele also has extensive experience with complex structures including Self-Managed Super Funds, Family Trusts, Companies, Individual Investors and Asset Protection.

Michele is a Fellow of CPA Australia, holds a Bachelor of Business (ACC), Graduate Diploma of Financial Planning, and is an accredited Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF) specialist.

With this experience Michele is able to give clients comprehensive financial advice, taking a holistic approach that considers goals and objectives and the most effective way to achieve them in today’s environment.

Michele Purvis is an Authorised Representative of Infocus Securities Australia Pty Ltd ABN 47 097 797 049 AFSL and Australian Credit Licence No. 236523

Mobile 0427 274 105


Wealth – having enough accumulated assets to fund your chosen lifestyle

Working with you to establish your short, medium and long term goals to create a plan to get you where you want to go.

We revisit your foundations and make sure they are solid and working for you. Continue to build your financial knowledge.

We look at developing and using equity in property, investing your superannuation wisely, investing in shares and managed funds, using smart strategies. Ensuring suitable life and income protection insurance are in place and review your Estate planning.

All our plans are unique to each individual’s goals and needs.







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We don’t charge for you to look at your options

During your initial consultation, we get to know more about you and your goals and what financial direction you are looking for. From that point, we can discuss options and strategies suited to your personal goals.

We do not charge for you to simply come and look at your options.

We charge a fee for services provided – this is to ensure you are receiving quality advice and no preference on recommended products for the commission we receive. Pricing is upfront so you will always know the fee for services provided before you commit to anything.

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Retiring in style

We revisit our goals and make sure we are on track for the retirement we have planned for…

Some important areas to consider:

  • Capital Gains Tax – what are the current rules? A professional who understands the tax environment in retirement could save you thousands.

  • Access to Superannuation – how can you continue to make your Super work best for you during your retirement. Do you know how a SMSF could benefit you?

  • Debt Position – how do you access your debt position come retirement, do you need to look at restructuring your accounts? Can there still be good debt and bad debt in retirement?

  • Transition to Retirement (TTR) – you may have heard of a TTR, but do you understand how a TTR could benefit you? We can work through a real life scenario and examples of a TTR strategy. Assess your goals and position to see how a TTR could work for you.

  • Protection – it is important to ensure that you are continuing your protection as you enter into retirement.

  • Pensions and Centrelink – how does a pension actually work? And how could a pension be suited to you? What are you entitled to and how do you ensure that you are receiving your entitlements.

  • Review Your Position – is it all going to plan? Even though you may not continue to be working, it is important to ensure that you are having regular reviews with your adviser. Is it all going to plan? The same way we go to the doctor for a regular check-up, we need to be regularly checking-up on our finances, ensuring all is ticking along as it should be.

  • Estate Planning – all about ensuring that your wishes will be carried out once you pass on. A professional should prepare your estate documents to ensure any complexity in your financial world has been considered.

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