We love promoting home-grown ideas that solve a real problem, especially ones that utilise technology.

This weeks app is a female only ride share service, like Uber but with female only drivers (and passengers)…

Have you ever travelled interstate with a baby or toddler, tried booking a taxi or hotel transfer with an appropriately fitted baby seat?

Maybe you just had cesarean birth and can’t drive for 6-8 weeks…

Do you sometimes feel uneasy booking an Uber or taxi to drop your kids to school?

Are you 100% sure of your safety while catching an Uber late at night?

Created by women for women.

Conceived and built in Australia, Shebah is a new ridesharing app designed to help women flourish as earners, carers and social butterflies. At every stage, every age, and every hour, Shebah is here to help.

We want guaranteed safety for all passengers, equal opportunity for our drivers, and comfortable rides that raise the industry standard – George McEncroe, Shebah Founder

Some key benefits:

  • Extended safety checks
  • Full control for the passenger
  • A strong community
  • Child car seats
  • Scheduled bookings via Facebook Page
  • Donation to charities

For more info and to download the app, visit https://shebah.com.au