Cash flow and late payments are definitely the biggest issues for many people.

Some interesting advice for dealing with cash flow and late payments is to think outside the box.

When people don’t pay me on time, send flowers, a box of Haigh’s chocolates and a nice note saying, ‘It would be really sweet if you paid me’. That sweetness can really worked. It can make them go ‘she’s really nice, we’ll pay her first’ and sometimes they could owe you more than $30,000!

Kill them with kindness is the motto.

For the cost of a box of chocolates it can make a really big difference to your business.

Being the sweet person on the telephone rather than being an angry person or getting a debt collector to do it.

This is more personalised and makes them feel a little bit more obliged to pay you first.

Doing this one thing can really transform your business.

Taking the personal approach rather than handing it off to an anonymous accounts person can work.

So give it a try and let us know how you go.


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