People want to leave their Wealth ( Estate) to their family…this should be easy.

The reality is, however that there are a lot of I’s and T’s that need to be addressed correctly to ensure that this simple wish can be completed.

Even when you think you have it all covered, there is always a possibility some of your wishes are challenged because you have not updated the relevant documents when changes occur.

A professional estate planner you can trust who has the ability and takes the responsibility to ensure you do whatever it takes to correctly address your estate planning wishes and ensure it is kept up to date is critical.

You must also make sure they have access and strong relationships to all the required specialists to get the job done properly.

In essence, what would be required is a ‘project managers role’ to ensure all of the possible issues and solutions are completed to meet your estate planning wishes.

Did you know:

An estate planning specialist found the following interesting information after being engaged to review two level 2 accounting practises over 9 months.

  • 50% of clients have NO wills
  • only 20% have adequate plans in place
  • All were very happy that their accountant ( firm ) would help them in this area  ( as a coordinator)
  • Most clients did not have relationships with a lawyer
  • Most clients did not have a financial advisor ( especially those still working )

In Summary:

To make estate planning easy, hire a professional group of specialists who can take care of everything for you…maybe give the VIDEN Group a call, they will definitely be able to help.

This information is general information only. You should consider the appropriateness of this information with regards to your objectives, financial situation and needs.