The bane of many small business owners, especially solopreneurs is the paper work.

You may be great at doing your trade but the simple task of generating an invoice and getting paid can be a real nightmare.

Chris Stride from Invoice2Go saw this pain and decided to address it by coding the first version on the way home from work back in 2002.

Seven years later, the iPhone App Store launches and Invoice2go goes mobile. For the first time, contractors, tradespeople and other business owners can invoice on the go, revolutionising their business.

Fast forward many years, significant funding from Accel Partners and Ribbit Capital, a shiny new office in Silicon Valley and 200,000+ number of customers later, they are finding that on average, users are saving 3 hours of paper work which allows them to do more that they love.

Invoice2Go Summary

The app now incorporates many new features beyond it’s original purpose:

  • create customised, professional invoices on the go
  • accept debit and credit card payments
  • see how your business is doing with charts and reports, even who owes you money
  • keep track of expenses and never lose another receipt
  • track your time on a job and automatically add it to an invoice. You can also send reminders when customer payments are overdue
  • see where your customers are based in a quick snapshot
  • get your customer to sign estimates & invoices on the spot, making payment collection even faster
  • use your phone as a barcode scanner to add product details directly to your invoices
  • create statements for your clients so they can see a summary of their account, including amounts overdue

Overall it is easy to see why Invoice2Go remains on the Top 10 best business apps list…

If you are a current user of this app please write your comments below, we would love to hear about your experiences.