Special Offers for Clients

All clients will receive access to a team of four specialist staff that will work together to meet all of their requirements and needs.

In addition to this, we provide an additional range of specialist services and offerings.

Online Individual Tax Returns – from $60

Through our unique web portal we are able to provide to individual clients an easy access online tax return service. The process is simple and takes minutes rather than hours with all questions in easy to understand English – just click below, answer a few questions, upload your supporting documents via our secure document portal – we will do the rest. This also reduces the cost of return to as little as $60.


Free Services for Clients Children

To help our clients and their children when they first start to complete tax returns or enter business for the first time, we are offering a range of free services including:

  • Free Tax Returns – for the children of existing clients. This will only stop once the children are over 25 or they take on investments personally (at the discretion of your local team).

  • Free Company and Trust establishment – when they enter business for the first time as well as free initial consultations on structuring and asset protection advice.

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Free Services for Start-up Businesses

In line with the recent Government incentives to allow new start-up businesses to access better risk structures, grants and tax exemptions, we are offering all new start-up businesses a free company and trust establishment when they seek fee based asset protection and business structuring advice. In addition to this all initial consultations of 1 hour are free of charge.

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Business Valuations

All of our clients can obtain a short form business valuation service, free of charge annually when their tax returns are completed.

All Intersync clients receive this service for free at all times.

Estate Planning

Our Estate Planning service is unique in that it not only encompasses the completion of wills, but will review:

  • Your business valuation.

  • A comprehensive business and personal wealth gap analysis for planning for your future requirements

  • Asset structuring to allow for effective access to retirement and nursing homes

  • Aged pension access and asset structuring today

  • SMSF use

  • Risk insurance

  • Allocated pensions and family wealth distribution and management

Initial Estate Planning assessments are offered free of charge and should be considered by clients of all ages.

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Financial Planning

All of our clients are provided with access to financial planners to consider all of their investment needs.

Intersync Services

Not you average bookkeeper. Experienced CA and CPA qualified accountants ensure your business accounts are up-to-date and done properly.

  • Effortless bookkeeping duties and functions;

  • Virtual CFO service;

  • State of the art fully customised desktop scanner with 3 year warranty;

  • Cloud document storage and filing

  • Intuit Software license

  • Access to IT support and eCommerce, web & app development advice;

  • Dedicated Account Manager to work with you and your team;

  • Tax planning and asset protection advice available;

All InterSync clients have access to the our internal IT specialists, senior accountants and advisers on all levels and internal legal advisers, all while having completed their annual compliance requirements and obtaining business development structuring advice.

Intersync is a comprehensive service that allows clients to access all of our multilayered services at one monthly cost price resulting in not only getting your compliance requirements met and financial accounting book-keeping, but to also access specialists and seek more advice and knowledge to grow and develop your business.


Self-Managed Superannuation

Our specialists provide advice to and services in SMSF to more than 30 other accounting firms today. We provide to our client’s not only standard and cost effective audit and compliance services, but also administration and specialists advice services covering all aspects of SMSF including borrowing and commercial property structures.


Our team of finance specialists have brought together a range of lenders and brokers that will deliver to all clients an opportunity to increase their wealth or meet their needs through an appropriate finance structure.

We also specialise in looking for finance to assist businesses who undertake merger and acquisition strategies.

Included finance areas:

  • Debtor finance / factoring;

  • Short-term finance;

  • House and commercial property finance;

  • Business finance;

  • Property development finance structures.

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Legal and Specialist Taxation Advice

Our internal legal team can provide to you services comprising:

  • The establishment of all entity structures

  • Advice regarding agreements

  • Corporate advice

  • Taxation services including international taxation structures

  • Taxation services including international taxation structures

  • ATO negotiations and objections and asset protection strategies

Very few accounting firms can offer this level of service to SME clients cost effectively, however our structure and group permits this to be delivered to clients cost effectively ensuring they get the best comprehensive advice available within limited resources they have available.

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Business Recovery / Turnaround Services

This is a unique and focused area of our services that the group has specialised in for more than 10 years with excellent results for all our clients, whether these are direct clients or businesses that our clients have had trouble getting their invoices paid by.

Business recovery involves the securing and recovery of assets from businesses that are in financial difficulty and then the turnaround of these business assets and the business to continue to operate in the future – another term for this service is pre-insolvency.

All businesses that we have taken on have been successfully turned around and many continue to access Intersync services to ensure they avoid financial difficulty in the future. Businesses that continue to use our services have all refelcted continued long term success following the turnaround – especially those that are making use of Intersync and the advice and knowledge provided within this service.

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