Recent research by Intel securities found that 76 percent of Australians businesses use cloud services to store their sensitive data.

Out of 452 Business leaders who were surveyed, 19 percent who were not using cloud said they are planning to use it as the future is moving towards cloud based environment.

According to the research, personally identifiable information — such as tax file numbers, home and email addresses, and dates of birth — is the biggest type of data being stored in the cloud, with 70 percent of respondents admitting this was the case in their organisation.

Of those surveyed, 64 percent said their company’s proprietary documentation of processes and procedures were stored in the cloud; 48 percent store network passwords in the cloud; and 48 percent store competitive data, such as market analysis or competitors’ information.

Of the 76 percent using the cloud, the top consideration for them choosing a cloud service provider was robustness or continuity of service.