If you’re not sure whether or not to prioritise training and development in your business then we need your “attteeennnntion!” We don’t take for granted what a privileged position we’re in to have access to so many varied business owners and advisors. The ideas and advice in our community is infectious and it is my job to share with you what we’re all learning in the trenches. This is the best advice we’ve gathered that argues why investing in your people should be a top priority.

Increased consistency

A structured training and development program is the ideal way to ensure consistency in your company. Providing opportunities for regular training assists in promoting a consistent knowledge and understanding of tasks, procedures and company policies throughout your team.

The training you provide and the examples you set as a business owner go a long way to establishing your companies values and ethos. Whether it’s Chris in sales, Alvin in marketing or Matt in the development team, you need to build a company ethos that is representative of you, which informs their decisions. This is a vital part of developing your business‘ identity and carving out your place in the market. Apple is perhaps the masters of this and due to their consistency across the board, a product or an advert of theirs is instantly recognisable from the competition.

Improved employee performance

Everyone has weaknesses, we are humans, not robots, and there’s always that next step your employee can take in improving their workplace skills and performance. A successful training program allows you to strengthen those skills, whilst building confidence in their role and thankfully, it doesn’t have to involve crawling through the mud! In fact, you may even be able to get a government grant to help you.

Most importantly for you, as weaker individuals improve, the rest of the team benefits, as they become less reliant on others for simple tasks, which allows everyone to focus on the aspects that will really drive your business forward. Reducing weak links in this way raises the overall standard and functioning of your team so that your company can strive to be an industry leader.

Increased collaboration

Introducing a development program has the effect of bringing all your employees to a higher level while spreading the skill set in your organisation out amongst your team. The benefit is felt most when your star developer or media guru is sick or on holiday. When there are others capable to “cover” the absence, your business doesn’t grind to a halt and revert to progressing at a snail’s pace.

Greater collaboration is also encouraged amongst your team, which can be incredibly fruitful for your company and your bottom line. For example, when employees in the sales department have a basic knowledge of media department tools such as Photoshop and Canva, they are able to think a little differently than before and collaborate more easily with the marketing team. When a sales call with a potential client generates what they think is a great idea, your sales team member will more easily be able to convey it to the marketing team.

Employee satisfaction

The training and development opportunities that you offer, can have as much influence as the proposed salary, in convincing someone to choose your organisation. Having usually clocked up years of educational experience, it’s perhaps natural that potential team members look at job opportunities holistically, veering towards those that encourage continued growth and development.

By offering a meaningful development and training program, the best candidates will firstly, be far more likely to choose your business, and secondly, much more likely to remain with you. If you can show potential employees that you want to invest in their futures, you will inspire them to invest in your company as well.

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