For many, nothing will replace the tangible feel of sitting back with a fresh newspaper, glossy magazine or a good book…

Unfortunately our busy lives tend to dictate our behaviour and I find that the ol’ smartphone / tablet is now a main source of media consumption.

Since my recent social media fast a couple of months ago, I found that my daily (often every few hours) go-to-app has been, Flipboard.

There are plenty of news delivery apps out there, including a native one by Apple, called Apple News.

However, in my opinion, there is only one that stands out, that is both beautiful in design, intuitive in navigation and generally a pleasure to use.

It’s biggest draw-card apart from the design is the ability to “discover stories that impact your life, career and creative path – hand-picked by people who share your passions.” It is this professional curation that only allows the best and often most popular articles to appear in your feed.

Another bonus is that you can “save great articles, videos and photos into beautiful digital magazines (which) you can share and take anywhere.”

The big name publishers are there, such as The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal, however the app allows you to add any feed or publisher simply by pasting a link… you can even view your social media feeds from Facebook and Twitter in the cool digital magazine style view.

Download the free app, you will not be disappointed.