Aldi shoppers are not mere customers perusing a retail landscape – they are highly skilled commandos negotiating a hostile environment. It’s a jungle out there. If you don’t believe me, turn up at Aldi at 8am on a Wednesday when the special buys are released or even worse Boxing Day; you’ll be taking your very life in your hands.

I had the bright idea of dropping into Aldi on the way to work one Wednesday to pick up a few things for our morning teas at work. Oh my goodness me, firstly there was a queue, which should have sent the alarm bells ringing, it’s a supermarket not a nightclub! Then to manoeuvre the trolley out of the trolley stack, I needed a gold coin, hmmm only had my credit card on me, so I guess I was just going to carry what I needed, wasn’t much after all.

So I headed in with the hordes of others, me dressed for work, the others dressed for combat. There were loads of things still in boxes not yet unpacked, it was early maybe they hadn’t got to it yet, but as I made my way down the aisles not recognising any brands and dodging empty boxes that had already been raided the whole store was laid out like that.

Finally I found some things that looked sort of familiar for the office and carried as many as I could, dropping, picking up and apologising along the way, to the very, very long checkout. Phew! The nice check out man was sitting down putting everything though his scanner, that’s nice I thought. Then came time to pay, and handed over my card, and the nice man tells me there is a credit card charge hmmm again. Then  . . . . . me being me didn’t have my green grocery bags on me, you know I try and try to do this but it’s a fail . . . . . so either pay for bags – which didn’t seem to be the thing to do, so again load up my arms and carry to the car. Collapse into the car with a sigh of relief – I’m out of there!!!

I arrive at work somewhat battle scarred and without half the things I intended to buy.

So what’s my point?

You get what you pay for! And why, when it comes to one of the most important things after family and health, would you choose the no service, no frills approach to your financial management? We all have our areas of expertise and it makes sense to spend your time doing whatever it is that you do well and use qualified professionals to manage your wealth under one roof.  It’s a no brainer really.

Time and time again we fix up messes caused by clients trying to do things on the cheap, setting up companies, trusts and SMSFs online, only to find something is incorrect. Or “I can do it myself approach” to retirement planning – that never happens. Or they use a cheaper less qualified option, and the advice is poor.  Time is important when building wealth, getting the right advice up front, leads to greater outcomes, with less effort.

So don’t run the risk of the battle for a successful financial future, Wealth Management can be outsourced and there are loads of well qualified experienced professionals to help you do this.

This information is general information only. You should consider the appropriateness of this information with regards to your objectives, financial situation and needs.